Custom Offers

A Custom Offer is an offer from a seller based on the specific information you provided in your conversation with the seller. If you accept the seller’s offer, it will create an order, which is the equivalent of ordering a Job on Podcaster Pros. A Custom Offer works just like a regular order and comes with the same protections.

To Send a Custom Offer:
On a Job page or a Seller profile click “Request Custom Offer” You can also send a custom offer when you are in a chat, click to request a custom offer from a seller.

Be as detailed as possible. We recommend you include all the specifics of your project, the timeframe when you need to have it completed by, and the budget you have for the entire service. Attach a document in PDF or DOC that will outline all of the details.

To accept a Custom Offer:
Within your Inbox, open a message containing the Custom Offer.
If you would like to accept the offer, click Order Now.
Review your order, and then click Confirm and Pay.
In the Requirements area, fill out all the necessary details and attach files (if needed), and then click Start Order.

If you provided the requirements in your initial message, the seller can indicate that they have all the information they need to start the order. In this case, once you accept the Custom Offer, the order will start right away.

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