How do I earn commission?

As a Podcaster Pros affiliate, you can earn commissions by promoting any Podcaster Pros’ services or by referring first time sellers. You can even do both.

After you register for our program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link so you can track your performance and check your earnings.

Types of Commission Plans

  • For a first time buyer you earn 50% of the sale up to $50. You are qualified for the flexable CPA commission once your buyer purchases on Podcaster Pros for the first time.
  • For a first time Seller you earn a fixed CPA of $5 for each first-time seller you refer. You are qualified for the CPA commission once your seller posts a job on Podcaster Pros for the first time.

180 days cookie lifetime. First-time buyer commission is 50% up to $50. First-time seller commission is a fixed $5, first time seller commision is a limited offer for the first 500 Sellers only or until 8-31-20.

Which Products Can I Promote?

You can promote all our podcast services to first time buyers or earn a commission for referring a first time seller, you can even do both! Every affiliate is different. Choose what is right for you!

  • Audio & Video Editing
  • Podcast Setup
  • Podcast Intros & Outros
  • Website & RSS
  • Podcast Music & SFX
  • Voiceover
  • AND More Pro Services

Do you want to promote a specific seller or Podcaster Pros service? You can do this using “Deep Links.” A deep link is a simple link to your preferred landing page.

To create a deep link, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account HERE
  2. Visit any page on Podcaster Pros you’d like to promote and copy the URL
  3. Go to “Affiliates” then “CREATE LINKS
  4. Paste the Podcaster Pros link into the generate affiliate link box and click “GENERATE URL

This unique link will entitle you to commissions from first-time buyers or first-time sellers.

For more instructions – read our affiliate user guide here.

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