Managing Jobs

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Tips For Selling Success

REACH OUT: The first thing to keep in mind is to message the buyer right away. Reach out and let them know you’ve got all of the specifics on the job and if you have any questions, you’ll let them know.
PROGRESS UPDATES: Let the Buyer know along the way where the project is at. Give them progress updates at various stages by sending them drafts, in-process project updates, and let them provide feedback. Remember, the buyer expects the final version to be ready by the delivery date set on the order.
COMMUNICATION: It’s the key! Communicating to the Buyer from start to finish, then delivering the completed work on time, will create trust and a bond that will encourage future orders.
RESOLUTION CENTER: If you feel you won’t have enough time to complete the delivery, you can use the Resolution Center and ask the buyer to extend the delivery time. If this happens a lot, you find yourself extending your deliveries, we recommend updating your Job and bumping up the delivery time to something that will work better.

Managing Sales

On the Sales page, you can see an overview of all your orders, from active orders to past orders.

  • Once logged in, within the Selling menu, click SALES. You can view the order details by clicking on an order within the list.

Sales statuses:

ACTIVE: These are orders you are currently working on (In Progress), or an order that was placed, but the information wasn’t submitted so it hasn’t started yet.
PENDING JOBS: These are new orders you’ve received or orders in the works that have yet to be delivered.
DELIVERED: These are all the orders you’ve delivered but are not yet marked as completed by the buyer.
COMPLETED: These are all the orders you’ve completed. Clicking on the order in the list will take you to that order.
CANCELED: These are all the canceled orders, whether by mutual cancellation or Customer Support cancellation.

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