Promoting Services

You are the pro, we just make the earning easy. One way to encourage new customers or repeat business is to offer discounts on your services. We make that easy too!

Create A Discount Coupon

To create a new discount code for your services:
Once logged in, from the User menu, click DISCOUNTS, then click New Coupon.

To create a coupon you must fill in all of the required information:
1.) DISCOUNT NAME: In the name area, write a name for your coupon code.
2.) ONLY FOR USER(S): Select to allow only individual users to use the discount or leave ALL selected to apply the discount to all users.
3.) DISCOUNT TYPE: Choose either Fixed or Percent. (Fixed means you set a fixed amount for the discount, or Percent means the discount is a percent off of the total price.)
4.) DISCOUNT VALUE: Fixed pricing will mean a dollar amount must be entered here, where as Percent pricing will call for a percentage amount to be entered.
5.) START DATE: Select the date you would like the discount to begin. (If you leave blank the discount will start immediately.)
5b.)END DATE: Select the date you would like the discount to end. (If you leave blank the discount will continue forever.)
6.) TOTAL NUMBER OF USES: Enter the total amount of times the discount can be used.
7.) MINIMUM ACCOUNT: Enter the dollar amount of what the sale total must be fore the discount can apply.
8.) LIMIT ONCE PER CUSTOMER: To enable the discount to apply only once per customer select the checkbox.

Click SAVE to make the discount active.

Once it’s saved, Then click ACTIVE COUPONS to see discount code.

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