Resolution Center

If you have an issue with an order, you can use the Resolution Center to assist you. We recommend communicating with the buyer/seller first about your issue then use the Resolution Center to work things out when you need to contact Customer Support to help with your order.

Customer Service will issue a verdict within a 24 hour window from the time you submit your arbitration request.

To access the Resolution Center:
Once logged in, within an order, click RESOLUTION CENTER.

After clicking on the “Resolution Center” link you will be presented with the following screen:

You can request mutual cancellation in hopes that the other party will accept it, but if that doesn’t work out either party can request arbitration by Customer Support.

On the following screen additional information can be provided which can, alongside all of the message shared on the transaction page, help Customer Support reach a verdict:

Following the confirmation of the arbitration request, the transaction page will be updated accordingly with the option to abort the arbitration request by the party that initiated it. Otherwise, no further action is necessary and both parties should wait for the verdict from Customer Service.

Finally, the transaction page is updated with the Customer Service’s verdict, and the transaction is either closed (if Customer Service has decided in favor of the buyer), or the seller is instructed to continue with the delivery process (if Customer Service has decided in favor of the seller).

The screenshot above shows an updated/closed transaction page decided in the buyer’s favor. In this case, the buyer is automatically refunded in the form of a credit balance, which he/she can use for other purchases.

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