Using Notifications

To increase your chances of getting hired you can activate notifications for your account. Set up email notifications for new service requests published within the categories of your interest and expertise, you can also specify a certain location radius.

Notifications are for Sellers only.

To access your notifications:
Once logged in, click the profile in top right, click Notifications.

In the Notifications area, you can see:
Location: City, or location of Job or Service
Radius: Miles from the Location
Disable Location Slider: Do not include location in your notifications
Categories: Specify which category you would like to be notified about
All Categories Slider: Adds all of the categories, then you can click the “x” to remove a category from your notifications. Keep all categories to be notified anytime a new job or service is posted.

Notifications are only available to Sellers. If you are a Buyer and would like to post a job to our sellers click here to learn more about posting a request.

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