What is the Affiliates program?

Affiliate marketing with the Podcaster Pros Affiliate program is a way for our partners to earn commission by promoting Podcaster Pros through a shareable link.

You can earn by promoting all of Podcaster Pros’ services and even earn for referring new buyers and sellers. New buyers coming from your referral will be assigned to your account and payments will be sent directly to your PayPal account.

To become a Podcaster Pros Affiliate you need to complete the signup form. Please provide as much information as you can so we can provide the best tools for your needs.

To create an affiliate link, follow these steps

  1. Login to your Podcaster Pros account
  2. Go to “https://podcasterpros.com/affiliates/affiliate-links/”
    To link to the entire Podcaster Pros site just use your referral URL that is already provided in the box.
  3. Or you can visit any page on Podcaster Pros that you’d like to promote and copy the URL
  4. Paste the relevant link into the Referral URL Generator box.
    Then click. GENERATE URL.
  5. Copy your special link.

For more instructions – read our affiliate user guide here.

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